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Participant-centered experiential training and facilitation

Caregiving in the time of COVID-19, Vicarious Trauma, Compassionate Caregiving, and Property Maintenance for Program Managers are trainings specifically designed for caregivers and can be delivered on-line as well as in-person.


Compassionate Caregiving and the Magic of Oops!


This training is intended to explore issues that caregivers face in providing a nurturing and supportive environment for the people in their care.


Caregiving for a person with special needs is an enormously rewarding endeavor filled with satisfaction, caring, and love. It is also an ever-changing field filled with challenges and pitfalls that can test our ability to perform duties with empathy and compassion for others and ourselves. Maintaining a caring relationship and being available for another often means opening ourselves up and exposing our own human vulnerabilities. No one is perfect. Often our best learning moments come from the errors we make. Embracing and learning from our mistakes as well as celebrating the victories are important parts of the continual improvement process. If we can cultivate an approach to caregiving that includes an openness to learning from our failures we are often rewarded with increased ease in our duties, more joy in our day, and healthier relationships.


Property Maintenance for Program Managers


This 2-hour training will focus on common issues program managers and property owners face in maintaining the residential structures and grounds at a standard necessary to deliver continuous quality care to clients. 


Areas covered include:

Household electrical, fire and water issues

Seasonal Maintenance tasks – Quarterly Maintenance Inspections

ADA and residence

Selecting a contractor

And more.